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For many centuries, Lavender had been appreciated for its fragrance and many uses. Its planting in most gardens was often because it was a basic essential plant.

The diversity of the species, their capacity to adapt to different kinds of oils, their different blooming times; their blended perfumes; their vegetative palette with their numerous shapes and colours, makes this plant essential for the garden. How could a garden design not include Lavender?

Today is the new area of vegetative diversity. A new garden spirit is born.

Lavender is associated more and more in conjunction  with other plants. Gardeners and specialist nurserymen are seeking different lavender species to compliment and contrast with other plant shapes, leaves and colours. Full display of the blooms and the extension of the blooming period is required.

Therefore, it is necessary to select new cultivars to complete and add diversity to the French collection of Lavender and to issue an invitation for people to dream 'Lavender'...

Catherine Liardet,

'Research for new cultivars',

'The World Lavender Conference', 2000

Wagga Wagga (NSW) Australia
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